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Welcome To Finch Class

Young Businessman
Young Businessman

Mrs Catherine Hodgson


Monday- Thursday

Miss Joanna Madge



Mrs Janet James

Teaching Partner

'Let the fun begin'

In Finch Class we have lots of fun settling into school life, helping the children understand all the new and exciting things school has to offer. The Reception Year at primary school is the final year of The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and it is the foundation upon which children build the rest of their lives and encompasses all learning. We aim to build upon the skills that your child has already started to develop before starting school. We learn through a variety of ways including teacher led, child led and free play. We are fortunate to have access to our own outdoor area and also to the playground where children have the chance to ride bikes and scooters. The children also have access to our Forest School area which they visit on a weekly basis.

We follow the curriculum as set out by the government covering the three Prime areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (CL) and Physical Development, and the Specific areas of learning: Literacy (L), Mathematics (M), Understanding the World (UW) and Expressive Arts & Design (EAD). All areas of learning are important at this stage and the planning and activities are based around this.

We use Class Dojo and Tapestry to record and show you your child's development and fun adventures.

We hope you find the information below useful. If you have any questions please do contact us.

Class Video

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