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John Moore 1907-1967

We are all proud to be part of The John Moore Primary School but who is John Moore, you may be asking yourself. Why is the school named after this man?









John Moore was born in Tewkesbury in 1907 and lived locally his whole life. He loved the town, its people and its historic buildings which he helped to conserve.

John Moore cared passionately for the countryside and nature and was concerned about its welfare, long before most people were aware of the importance of conservation and knew about climate change. He was ahead of his time and also worked tirelessly to protect the heritage of Tewkesbury.

He was a very well-known writer – his books are still enjoyed today – did you know that he was a founding member of the Cheltenham Literature Festival?

He wrote more than 40 books! – Both factual books and stories, many of which were based upon events and characters in Tewkesbury and the surrounding villages.

He also wrote numerous articles about the natural world and the way of life in the countryside, using his own experience of living near Bredon Hill for much of his inspiration.

You can find out more about John Moore at The John Moore Museum in Tewkesbury: and from The John Moore Society:













Have you ever spotted this plaque in our local area?

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