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Pupil & Eco Council

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                                                  At The John Moore Primary School we are extremely proud to offer a wide range of                                                      clubs across all Year groups. These clubs are run by members of staff, parents or                                                          outside agencies. 

                                                  In addition to our wide range of clubs children are invited to stand for either our Pupil                                                    or Eco council at the start of each school year.

                                                  Children often make a little presentation to their class to say why they would like to                                                        be voted onto the council. The councils then help lead whole school projects and                                                          fundraising events throughout the year.




PUPIL Council

Our Pupil Council aims to represent the views of all pupils and works hard to contribute to school life by generating ideas and solving problems as well as leading fundraising opportunities. We meet to discuss issues raised by our classes, ideas for school improvement and to plan upcoming events.

The Pupil Council plans charity events in the school such as Red Nose Day, Children in Need and others throughout the year. In the past, they have organised a Talent Show, installed a buddy bench in the playground and have run a Bake Off competition. They also take an active roll in showing new prospectus candidates around our school and helping with the interview process. 

Our Pupil Council includes representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. Children are invited at the start of each year to put together a small presentation to say why they would like to represent their Class at Pupil Council. 


Eco Council

Our Eco Council aims to represent the views of all children across the school. Each class is represented and they meet regularly to discuss ways to care for our environment. 

Previous activities have included planting, litter picks (both in school and the local community), making bird boxes and monitoring our water and electricity use in school. 

We are involved with Eco School which helps empower children to help them improve our environment. If you would like further information and ideas please visit their website. 

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