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As a School we take E-Safety very seriously. We feel it is vitally important to engage with our children and understand what they are doing online. We feel that this is very much a partnership between what we teach our children in School through to supporting Parents and Carers with continuing these messages at home.

Our Staff and Governors receive training to raise awareness of E-Safety and understand how to support our children to keep them safe online. E-Safety is very much part of the Curriculum with us teaching our children tips on how to stay safe online being very much part of our everyday awareness.

With children being exposed to technology from the time that they start school. Technology plays an integral role within every classroom. It is embedded in Reception and is a constant and prevalent feature of school life. 

With the constant advancement of technologies, which places emphasis upon online collaboration and sharing, the children are increasingly ‘creators’ of digital content and not just ‘passive recipients’. They are developing their digital skills as well as skills in creativity, communication and networking.
It makes sense for children to be taught responsible use of these technologies both in school and at home. To enable you to do this, a number of links to e-safety websites have been provided for you. Please us the link buttons below to be redirected to the necessary pages to help support you and your child. 

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