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Governor Structure

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Daniel Webb - Chair of Governors


Welcome to the Governor Structure section of our website. We hope the information below explains the structure of the Governors and which Governors sit on which committees.

Full Governing Body (FGB)

Each term we hold a Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting, which is preceded by meetings of our three sub committees. This enables Governors to work to their strengths and ensure the Full Governing Body is well informed and able to make good judgements and decisions.

Our Full Governing Body meetings are attended by the Head Teacher, all Governors and Associate Governors.



Curriculum and Standards Committee

The Curriculum and Standards Committee focuses is on attainment and progress in each year group, extra-curricular provision, how The John Moore Primary School is working towards the government's new SATs (Standard Assessment Tests), how e-safety is taught and monitored in school, and how the curriculum is meeting the needs of every child in the school.


Tony Peck (Chair), Daniel Webb, Sarah Hathaway, Dan Fenn, Chloe Davies, Lee Johnson, Karen Sturgess & Matt Cambridge-Harrison


Finance, Pay & Personal Committee

The Finance Committee ensure effective governance over finances and staffing. We monitor the school’s financial position, review and agree staff changes, approve key items of expenditure, and monitor how we spend monies allocated to us regarding the Pupil and Sports Premiums.


The committee also undertakes the monitoring and allocation of the School Fund.


Daniel Webb (Chair), Sarah Hathaway Tony Peck, Angela Cox, Karen Sturgess, Lee Johnson



Health and Safety and Premises Committee

The Health and Safety and Premises committee is concerned with the use of the school’s premises, grounds and extended facilities, including Health and Safety.


The committee makes recommendations on catering, cleaning, decorating and maintenance. It monitors efficient use of utilities such as water, electricity or gas and maintains an overview of costs and lettings policies of the premises.


Members also visit school to discuss specific topics such as our ongoing building work. 


Dan Fenn (Chair), Daniel Webb, Sarah Hathaway, Angela Cox, Matt Cambridge-Harrison

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