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PE & Sports Premium 


As a school, we believe that Physical Education (P.E) is a vital part of our pupil’s education and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. We work hard to promote a passion for sports and enable our pupils to develop knowledge and skills in a broad range of sporting activities. 


We aim to provide our children with opportunities to develop ‘ready for life’ skills such as fairness, respect, communication, resilience and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We plan and teach a well-structured P.E curriculum that allows all pupils to achieve their potential. Our curriculum aims to develop knowledge, skills and understanding across the school through progressive sports and techniques. We do this by linking skills with sports by using Real PE. These provide our pupils with the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge, skills and vocabulary.  


As a school, we use Move More to ensure that our pupils experience competitions outside of school and use coaching entitlements, to provide our staff with CPD opportunities.  In addition to this, we also plan inclusive and targeted sports clubs to enhance provision provided to all our pupils at John Moore Primary. The focus of all of our planned provision, curricular or extracurricular, is to allow the pupils at our school to access to a wide variety of high quality P.E and sports provision. Within P.E, we use SMSC to promote a range of skills, including our pupils’ wellbeing, self-awareness and emotional resilience. 


We promote fundamental skills such as respect, emotional resilience and self-reflection during lessons and encourage pupils to select and apply these skills at appropriate times. Within lessons, physical wellbeing is also promoted and discussed. Physical fitness is an important part of leading a healthier lifestyle. It teaches self-discipline and that to be successful you must work hard, show resilience and have the determination to believe that anything can be achieved. Across all year groups, the pupils are exposed to other cultural heritages and experiences, for example, through our cultural dance which links to some themed class focuses (e.g. Samba when looking at Brazil). 


Across the school, we strive to engender a notion of aspiration in all our pupils. The P.E curriculum at John Moore Primary provides pupils with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to spark curiosity and interest. This is achieved by introducing new sports to our curriculum (Mini Golf, Archery, New Age Kurling) and inclusive sport opportunities for all pupils. Within P.E we celebrate our connections with the wider community. We work with other local schools, and we are proud to compete alongside other local school teams through the County Sports Network. As a school community, we also strive to celebrate individual pupils’ sporting achievements outside of school, through whole school sparkle assemblies and the school’s sparkle news. 

Sports Premium

What is the Sports Premium?

The Government introduced the Sports Premium Grant in 2013.  The Government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013 – 2023 to improve provision of physical education (P.E.) and sport in primary schools.

How is this funding allocated to schools?

The P.E. and sport allocation is funding provided to schools in addition to main school funding.   The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on the provision of P.E. and sport in schools.

Funding for schools will be calculated by reference to the number of primary-aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11), as recorded in the annual school census.

What are the aims of the Sports Premium?

  • Purpose of funding – Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of P.E. and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

  • Key themes and priorities:

    • –  To further enhance quality of learning and teaching of P.E.

    • –  To further develop confidence of staff in the teaching of P.E.

    • –   Implementation of new P.E. curriculum

    • –  Supporting and engaging the least active children through new clubs

    • –  Increasing competition and success in school sports

    • –  Improvement in partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners.


Please find the key documentation below to explain how we use our sports premium money. If you have any further questions please do ask. 


Key Documents 

PE National Curriculum Programme of Study 

PE Curriculum, Overview and Skills - JMPS

PE and Sports Premium Plan and Report 2021-2022- Evaluated

PE and Sports Premium Plan and Report 2020- 2021- Evaluated

PE and Sports Premium Plan and Report 2022-2023 

PE and Sports Premium Plan and Report 2023-2024

Swimming Offer 2023-2024

Swimming Data 2023

Swimming Data 2022

Swimming Data 2021

PE Progressions of Skills

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