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Covid 19 Response

At The John Moore Primary School we recognise that everyone across the country has faced unprecedented times due to Covid-19 and this has affected people in a variety of ways. We know that all children will have had different experiences and we endeavor to support them and their families through the challenges we face. 

We hope to provide as much information and support  as possible to help navigate through these times. If you require more information please do contact us.  

Please visit our Policies Page for information on our Remote Learning Policy and Home Learning Plan for Parents.

Covid Catch-up Funding 

The government has announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up.

Please find the links for our overview and detailed plan below:


The John Moore Primary School Covid-19 Catch Up Plan 2021-2022

The John Moore Primary School Covid-19 Detailed Plan 2021-2022 

Please also refer to our Pupil Premium and Catch Up Funding Strategy Statement on our Pupil Premium Page.


The John Moore Primary School Covid 19 Catch-up Plan 2020-2021

The John Moore Primary School Covid 19 Detailed Plan 2020-2021

Follow this link for further information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium.

Risk Assessments 

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