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The ‘Friends of the John Moore Primary School’ committee raises funds so that we can provide extra equipment, resources and opportunities that the school wouldn’t be able to afford within its own budget; all of which enhance the children’s education experiences. We also provide opportunities to develop links between staff and parents and carers, social opportunities and the chance to work towards a common goal.

All families become members of the ‘Friends of John Moore Primary School’ when their child joins the school, and we welcome support from anyone able to help us. Our elected committee consists of around 8-12volunteers who meet every 4 weeks or so, but all parents are welcome to attend the informal meetings, which either take place at school, a member of the committee’s home or the meeting room in our local pub.

Apart from our elected members we rely on volunteers to help with the organisation of events –we couldn’t do it without them! Whether it’s half an hour helping at an event, an offer of a prize or helping to pack away, we need lots of people to help a little bit.

How we raise money…

Like most similar committees, we raise money through the events we run. Our most popular events are the school discos, Christmas and summer fairs. We also run fundraising events such as cake/ice-cream sales, Christmas card designs, second hand uniform sales, and provide refreshments at many of our school events.

How we spend the money…

The money raised from events is banked, and then at committee meetings we decide how to spend it. Mrs Laing usually provides us with a ‘wish list’ from school, fed into by pupil council, staff and governors, to provide things that the school budget can’t afford. We always endeavour to spend the funds in ways that will benefit all children across all areas of the school and curriculum.

Recent purchases for the school:

  • New sound system and projector

  • Cameras for Photography Club

  • Reception New Starter bags and water bottles

  • Pantomime coaches and ice-creams

  • Annual subscriptions to online resources for use in school and at home, and the library system

  • 2 x Football goals



Our committee is elected annually at our AGM, usually in September.

Chair: Ali Ashley

Treasurer: Katie Goscomb

Secretary: Carol Hannam

General committee: Sarah Atkinson, Mark Cox, Catherine Dean, Carole Evans, Claire Edgeworth, Neville Thomas, Catherine Terry, Dina Summers

Roles and Responsibilities:

Chairperson: Chair committee meetings and provide leadership for the committee; overall organiser of all fundraising activities; set the agenda for meetings; ensure that any issues are properly debated, and an agreement is reached. The Chair must work closely with the Treasurer and Secretary to ensure the association is run effectively, communicate with members, school and parents, deal with all communication received by association, write risk assessments and apply for the relevant licenses.

Treasurer: Controls the funds the association raises along with the other Committee members; creates a record of all income and expenditure. Is responsible for handling money raised at events; makes approved payments and organises the counting of money at events. The Treasurer should report on the current financial position at each committee meeting and this report should include an update on income and expenditure since the last meeting and the current balance. Operates the bank account and looks after the cheque book/electronic bank transfers.

Secretary: Is responsible for ensuring that there is effective communication between committee members and between the association and the school; deals with correspondence that the association receives and helps the Chair ensure that committee meetings run smoothly; records minutes from all meetings and distributes accordingly; writes article for inclusion the school newsletter.

The General Committee Members make sure the following roles are fulfilled:

  • helping the treasurer with floats, counting and banking money, sorting gift aid where necessary

  • advertising and marketing, photocopying, general admin

  • help with planning events, organising raffle prizes for Christmas and Summer Fairs.

  • disco co-ordinator –booking the disco, sorting the correspondence with the parents, ensuring the smooth running on the night, co-ordinating helpers and teachers.

  • help with after-school sales, refreshments at events.

  • general help with occasional tasks such as tidying cupboards, buying food or supplies, helping out at our events.


Charity number: 1133024 •

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