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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning Intent Statement

Outdoor learning is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a natural environment.


We are fortunate enough to have a designated outdoor learning area on our school site, children have the chance to get their hands (and clothes!) dirty and learn in a natural space by taking part in seasonal activities that involve them managing their own risks. By taking ownership of their learning in a natural but real-life environment the children develop their self-esteem, mental well-being and resilience, skills we feel are vital for their life-long journey.


At The John Moore Primary School, we provide a nurturing space that supports our children's well-being by providing and implementing positive outdoor, child led experiences in a natural environment. Some of the activities the children have the chance to participate in are building dens, having campfires, lighting their own fires, developing their use of various tools and understanding how to care for their environment. The impact of this will help foster traits such as resilience, confidence, independence to develop motivation, co-operation, decision making, teamwork and social skills. It also helps foster a mutual respect for the environment and helps relationships build in a more relaxed atmosphere so enabling and empowering all students to have opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Outdoor Learning Key Documents 

Outdoor Learning Handbook 


Outdoor Learning Videos 

Please enjoy the video that gives you a tour of our site and a snap shot of some of our activities we have done. 

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