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Art and Design 

At the John Moore Primary School we believe in fostering an open ended exploration of creativity to allow all children to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. By providing the children with the key skills, materials and ideas in a safe and nurturing environment, we aim to develop creativity.


Art is a subject that encourages experimentation, promotes the use of imagination and helps children to gain confidence to try things out. We encourage perseverance when overcoming challenges, showing determination and self-belief that they will not give up. Children are taught to refine their work and develop resilience, understanding that there is not one right way of doing something. We view all pupils as unique individuals and welcome and love their differences. As pupil’s progress they should be able to think more critically as well as begin to understand how art is reflected in history.


Our Art curriculum provides a clear and comprehensive scheme of work that will show progression of skills across all key stages within the strands of Art. The curriculum has appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding to explore and investigate, create and evaluate artwork as set out in the National Curriculum. Therefore, we will enable the children to reach and exceed their potential at The John Moore Primary School.


We enable pupils to create art work with a real purpose, sharing and displaying the work they create and showcasing the skills and progress made at all opportunities. We want to celebrate their success.

Key Documents

Art National Curriculum Programme of Study 

The John Moore Primary School Art Curriculum Map

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