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Rusty, Our School Dog

JMPS - Rusty School Dog-24.jpg

We are absolutely thrilled to have a school dog- Rusty! 


Rusty belongs to Mrs Laing. He is extremely well-behaved and is very loving and gentle. Rusty visits school once a week and the children really look forward to seeing him. Rusty is on a lead at all times when moving around the school site and is always accompanied by an adult. His presence has been fully risk assessed. Rusty is a Cavapoo and is a non-shedding hair breed. 

Rusty enjoys spending time with the children in a number of different ways. He really enjoys hearing children read! Reading to dogs has been proven to help children develop literacy skills and build confidence, through both the calming effect the dog’s presence has on children as well as the fact that a dog will listen without being judgemental or critical. This comforting environment helps to nurture children’s enthusiasm for reading and provides them with the confidence to read aloud. 

Numerous research studies have shown the benefits of having dogs in schools. Some of these benefits include:


Cognitive- companionship with a dog stimulates memory, problem solving and games playing

Social- a dog provides a positive mutual topic for discussion

Emotional- a school dog improves self-esteem, lifts mood and teaches compassion and respect for other living things

Physical- interaction with a dog reduces blood pressure and provides tactile stimulation

Environmental- a dog in school increases the sense of a family environment

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